Sonshine Dance and Fitness holds two major shows every year that include all of the students. One is at Christmas time and the other is in June.

The Christmas show is a favorite for everyone with traditional music and an emphasis on our Christmas heritage and the true meaning of Christmas. The students buy their own academy leotard and then rent costumes from the studio. The performance is held on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon on the week before the Christmas holiday. This show schedule gives all of our working parents and family an opportunity to attend.

The end of year recital usually held the 2nd week in June, has two parts. Every other year the Academy does a production recital that features an original, written in house, musical that uses sets and props. These shows are full fledged theatrical productions that provide real theater experience for our students with costume changes, lines, singing, dancing, and even some tech work. Each student is required to purchase the class costume that depicts their part of the storyline and is age appropriate. Our past productions include: “Alice Somewhere in Wonderland,” “The Park Plaza Hotel,” and “The Great Storybook Caper.”

In the other year, the academy does a themed recital. These recitals showcase what students have learned and feature dances that are related in some way. Our past themed recitals include: “Let’s Hear it for America,” “Hooray For Hollywood,” and “On Broadway.” Again, the students will purchase their Academy leotard and rent costumes from the studio.

We at Sonshine try very hard to be aware of the effort and finances required by parents. We want our students to be able to take classes and participate in our shows. We also try to make sure that all costumes are modest and classy. We don’t allow bare midriffs or short shorts. Our hope is that we can teach dance without compromising the morals and standards that we hold so dear.